Cardboard Box Printing Making Flexo Printing Slotting Glue Die-Cutting Folding Strapping Cardboard Box Production Equipment In Line

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Cardboard Box Printing Making Flexo Printing Slotting Glue Die-Cutting Folding Strapping Cardboard Box Production Equipment In Line
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Фирменное наименование: maowei
Condition: New
Warranty: 1.5 years
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Carton packing
Showroom Location: Egypt, Thailand, South Korea
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2020
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Gearbox, Gear, Bearing, PLC
Type: New
Key Selling Points: High-accuracy
Weight (KG): 25000 KG
Product name: Printing slotting die cutting glue bundle in line machine
Model Number: 925
Function: Printer+die-cutter+slotter
Speed: 220pcs/min
Feeding way: Lead Edge Auto Feeder
Application: Carton Box Printing Making
Power: 52kw
Place of origin: China
Voltage: 220V/380V/440V
Max .feeding size: 2300x900mm
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, South Korea
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service, Field installation, commissioning and training, Video technical support, Online support
Основная информация
Place of Origin: China
Фирменное наименование: maowei
Model Number: 925
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Packaging Details: plastics
Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Year
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Machine performance

  1. The machine is composed of paper feeding, printing and die-cutting, which can complete the printing, pressing,slotting, Angle cutting and drilling of 3-layer and 5-layer corrugated board at one time.

  2. The transmission system all adopts the big helical Angle helical gear transmission, the noise is low, enhances the strength of the gear, improves the transmission stability of the gear. All transmission gears are made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel, with fine grinding, super hard treatment and enclosed spray lubrication, ensuring the transmission accuracy of the machine for a long time.

  3. Each unit is electrically operated on clutch and equipped with an alarm, which continuously rings during clutch to ensure the safety of operators.The clutch motor is equipped with constant torque clutch, which can buffer the collision of each unit in case of wrong operation.

  4. After each unit is closed, each group is pneumatically locked and equipped with a general locking device, which can make each unit and the bottom rail lock integrated.If the cylinder is not locked, the main motor cannot start running;The locking cylinder cannot be opened while the main motor is running.After the separation of each unit, the transmission system will brake automatically and keep the original position of the gear fixed.

  5. Each unit has an automatic zero setting system, and a small amount of cardboard can be adjusted to the correct size to reduce cardboard waste.

  6. The machine is beautiful in shape and soft in color.Modular design allows you to add or subtract units at will.

  7. Bearings with NSK, Harbin, Wanxiang and other famous domestic manufacturers production of brand-name bearings.

  8. The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor.

  9. Contactor, relay button, etc. are used in the domestic famous brands of Chint, Schneider low voltage electrical appliances.

  10. Pneumatic parts: the cylinder adopts zhejiang "Dongte" famous brand cylinder, the solenoid valve adopts Shanghai "Sonuo" or Guangzhou "Yadecke" famous brand products.

  11. The machine adopts key-free connection to ensure the connection precision and reliability.

  12. This machine feed paper, printing, die-cutting parts processing technology.

    1) Side wall panel casting - manual aging treatment - rough planing - fine planing - overall precision machining of large processing center - quality inspection - storage. 2) Gear: forging -- rough turning -- quenching and tempering -- fine turning -- hobbing processing -- heat treatment -- fine grinding of inner hole and plane -- grinding of high-precision gear grinding machine -- detection by special gear detector -- quality inspection -- storage. 3) Shaft: Rough car hair blank tube inner hole (welding shaft head) -- welding the first shaft disc -- rough car outer circle -- static balance -- welding the second shaft disc -- annealing treatment -- fine car -- dynamic balance -- rough grinding -- fine grinding -- hard chrome plating -- quality inspection -- storage

Computer control operations

  1. The paper feeding section adopts PLC human-machine interface control.

  2. Controlled anilox roll rise and fall: when a group of temporary does not need to print, the controlled production of this group of anilox rolls do not need to fall, so that there is no need to clean the ink roll.

  3. Position zero: the machine can be plate position zero, so that the plate position can be in place.

Main parameter

Model 2500mm

Machine inside width


Maximum production speed


Economic rate of production


Maximum feed paper size


Minimum feed paper size


Skip feed paper size


Maximum area of printing

2200x900(hung plate)

Standard printing plate thickness


Tinted precision


Maximum area of die cutting


Main motor power


Total power


Glue part

1. Connection with printing department, printing, die-cutting, gluing, folding, calibration, counting, stacking, packing, output.

2. The production line maximum speed of 300m/min.

3. The whole machine is connected to control, the computer stores the order, the remote control operation, the display screen digital input, the big arm opens and closes automatically.

4. Key Drive purchase import brand bearing, high speed drive belt.

5. Gelatinize department: adopt stainless steel gelatinize wheel, corrosion-resistant, even gelatinize.

6. Electrical appliances: all adopt international top brands, stable quality and reliable.

Model 2200
Size A(mm)


Size B(mm) 470-2200
Size C(mm) 130-660
Size D(mm) 170-900mm

Installation area(mm)


Motor power




Full automatic online packer machine

1. Automatic bundle machine series of products running fast, product stability in the industry leading position.

2. Size exchange full computer adjustment, menu storage machine automation, automation is the highest in the industry.

3. Delta PLC controller, data change, machine operation are all controlled by touch screen, convenient and fast.

4. Before strapping, the cartons are automatically arranged in five directions, and the strapping products are neat and beautiful.

5. The automatic alignment function before strapping is convenient for docking all kinds of front models, and the compatibility of front models is stronger.

Technical parameters

Model 100125 taobao series
Package size A 210-1100mm
Package size B 170-1000mm
Package size C 80-270mm
Package size D 165-520mm
Processing power 15±2 package/min(A=230mm,B=190mm)
Size change Touch screen setting are automatic adjusted
Usd of packing material PE belt (28# 35#) note: 28# standard belt
Overall dimensions


Equipment height based on rail height increase or decrease

Work air pressure


Work voltage

3 phase

Total power

3kw, running power 2kw

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