Corrugated Cardboard Box Flexo Printing Die Cutting Machine Offset 4 Color

1.0 Sets
Corrugated Cardboard Box Flexo Printing Die Cutting Machine Offset 4 Color
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Фирменное наименование: Maowei
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Packing industry
Showroom Location: Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, South Korea
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2019
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Gear, PLC, Blade
Key Selling Points: High Productivity
Weight (KG): 25000 KG
Product name: Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machinery
Place of origin: Hebei,China
Plate Type: Hang Plate
Printing material: Corrugated paperboard
Application: Corrugated Carton Box Flexo Printing
Feeding way: Lead Egde Feeder
Voltage: 220V/380V/440V, can be customized
Speed: 300pcs/min
Color: Customizable
Packaging Material: Plastic
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
Local Service Location: Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Uzbekistan
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service, Field installation, commissioning and training, Video technical support, Online support
Основная информация
Place of Origin: Hebei,China
Фирменное наименование: Maowei
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Packaging Details: plastics
Supply Ability: 5 Set/Sets per Month
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Printing die cutting machine offset 4 color

Product Description

The product can complete four color printing, cutting, indentation, trimming, slotting, and other processes of cardboard at one time.
Adopt leading edge positioning automatic paper feeding mechanism, adjustable air volume, host frequency conversion control.
The machine adopts PLC and color display screen to control the machine with multiple functions, convenient, fast, flexible, unlimited storage of orders, one key to change orders.Phase adjustment by PLC electric adjustment, automatic zero, automatic reset;The transmission gear is made of 20Cr high quality alloy steel, the material is carburized and quenched, and the grinding process is fine.The wall panels are made of cast iron with a thickness of 50mm and no deformation.Hole processing using high-precision large machining center processing, hole center distance accuracy up to ±0.01mm.The main transmission gear and transmission shaft are connected by tension-free key, which enlarges the virtual position, cancelling the wear of the center, and keeping the printing machine with long life overprint precision.The whole machine adopts electric split, pneumatic lock, single machine combination is tight, overprint does not move position;The machine has the characteristics of accurate color set, exquisite printing pattern, convenient use and maintenance, high degree of automation.

Feeding unit

The machine clutch

1.Electric control machine clutch with alarm bell, continuous ring between the alarm, to ensure the safety of workers.

2.Pneumatic interlocking device.

3.Main engine motor start protection device, the whole machine is not locked, the main engine can not operate.

Lead edge system

1.Air suction auxiliary paper feeding, fan 7.5KW, according to different bending conditions of cardboard, the air volume can be adjusted to ensure smooth paper supply.
(The valve adjusts the air volume)

2.Choose leading edge positioning automatic feeding mechanism.

3.The position of side baffle and rear gearbox is adjusted by electric power.

4.Paper supply counter, set, display production quantity, automatic alarm.

Dust removal device 1.Equipped with brush and suction dust removal device, it can remove impurity on the printing surface of paperboard and improve the printing quality.
Feed paper roll 1.Upper feed paper roll out diameter 135 mm, thick wall steel pipe, wear-resisting rubber, correction and balance.
2.Down feed paper roll out diameter for 155 mm , embossed hard chrome plating.
3.The clearance dial of the feed roller is manually adjusted, adjust range is


Automatic zeroing device 1.Feeding department, printing department, electric automatic zero, erase plate memory.
2.General cartons use automatic zeroing device, erase plate memory, try to print two pieces can be adjusted to the correct position, reduce cardboard waste.
Patting neatly device Equipped with pneumatic patting device, according to their own needs to set the time automatically patting.

Ptining unit

Printing roller

1. Out diameter is 405mm(include plate out diameter)
2.The surface of steel tube is ground and plated with hard chrome.
3.Balance correction, smooth operation.
4.Ratchet fixed plate roll shaft.
5.Full plate plate hanging slot, suitable for 9mm×3mm plate hanging bar.
6.With quick plate changing device, convenient loading and unloading printing plate, with foot switch electric control of positive and negative rotation.
Steel anilox roller, ceramic anilox roller 1.Steel anilox roll diameter 197 mm.
2.The surface of steel pipe is ground, pressed and hard chrome plated.
3.Balance correction, smooth operation.
4.The mesh number of steel anilox roller is 180 to 280, optional.
5.For Ø ceramic anilox roller diameter 197 mm.
The wall thickness is 22mm Guangzhou Yuexin, and the scraper adopts Guangzhou Lijian.
(Note: This item is optional)
6.With the paper feeding system pneumatic automatic lifting device (when the paper feeding roller drops and contact with the printing plate, stop the paper feeding roller rises and the printing plate separation)
7.Anilox roller with wedge-type overrunning clutch, easy to evenly ink, wash ink.
Printing press roller 1. Out diameter is 156mm
2. The surface of steel tube is ground and plated with hard chrome.
3. Balance correction, smooth operation.
4.Manual adjustment range of printing press roll clearance dial is 2.2 ~ 12mm.
Feed paper up and down roll 1.Up roler: Out diameter is 86mm,the thick wall steel pipe,with 4 out diameter 120mm feed paper ring.
2.Down roller: Out diameter is 156mm,the thick wall steel pipe, the surface is ground and hard chrome plated.
3. The clearance dial of the feed roller is manually adjusted, adjust range 2.2mm~12mm.
Rubber roller 1.Out diameter is 197mm, origin jizhou.
2.The surface of the steel pipe is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber and corrected for balance.
3.Rubber medium and high special grinding, good ink transmission effect.
Phase adjusting mechanism 1.Planetary gear construction.
2.The printing phase is controlled by PLC, touch screen and electric digital 360° adjustment.(operation and stop can be adjusted)
3.Electric adjustment of the transverse position, adjust the distance ±5mm.
4.Computer memory automatic reset system after cleaning plate during printing.
Ink circulation 1.Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, simple operation and maintenance.
2.Ink filter screen, filter impurities, ink separation.
Printing phase fixing device 1.Automatic cylinder brake device.
2.When the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted, the brake mechanism restricts the machine rotation and maintains the original gear position fixed point.

Slotting unit

Operational control 1.The paper clearance adopts hand - adjusted fast - gap fine - tuning self - locking device.
2.Equipped with emergency stop device to ensure safety.
Computer control knife adjustment 1.Adopt single shaft double knife structure, the rear knife is adjusted by computer.
2.Five knife holders can be moved, adjust the spacing by PLC.
3.Adjust the method. Input length, width and height on the touch screen.
4.Elastic corner cutter, three layers and five layers of cardboard without adjustment.
5.Manual bidirectional locking to adjust the pressure wheel clearance, quick and convenient adjustment.
6.The phase fixation adopts electromagnetic brake mechanism to keep the position of the front cutter fixed when the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted.
7.Equipped with touch screen, memory function, can store 999 orders, convenient data setting and control.
Preloading wheel 1.Upper and lower trunnion for 110 mm Φ, equipped with four groups of ti.
2.The position of line pressing wheel and slotted cutter head is adjusted axially and synchronously.
3.Equipped with a press-wheel can effectively prevent the cardboard crushing phenomenon.
Slotting/slotting tool holder 1.Slot knife thickness of 7mm, high quality alloy steel heat treatment tooth grooving machine, professional manufacturers to ensure quality.(Slotting revolution patented technology)
2.Trunnion for Φ 156 mm.The surface is grinded and chrome plated, and the movement is stable.
3.Slotting, line pressing wheel, position axial computer adjustment.
4.Adopt unique elastic chip removing device, reduce cost, long life.

Transmission gear

Main drive gear 1.Material: 20Cr alloy steel, carburizing quenching treatment, grinding processing.
2.6 precision (the same level as the automobile transmission box gear) smooth operation, low noise, hardness HRC58 ~ 62, long life, basic wear within 10 years, can achieve long-term printing registration.
Keyless connection ring Adopt tensioning key free connection, can make the shaft and the gear complete seamless connection, there will be no gap in the use of large torsion, more convenient installation and maintenance, can make the long-term transmission accuracy is high, to ensure the printing registration.
Pressure regulation Adopt double - stage reducer to adjust all, fine - tuning precision is very high.

Stacker machine

1. Paper can be manually adjusted automatically.The total length is 12 meters.There are dry.
2. The speed of receiving paper is synchronized with the speed of feeding paper. The speed can be adjusted separately.
3. Stack height 1700mm.
4. Bed table lifting strong chain drive.
5. The paper receiving platform is equipped with anti-falling device to ensure the safety of the operator.
6. Air pressure action connecting board, when the cardboard stack to a certain height, the cardboard automatically out to hold the cardboard.
7. Flat wrinkled belt prevents cardboard from slipping.
8. The paper arm belt can adjust the looseness independently and is not limited by the length of the belt.

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